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satisfaction or your money backOnline Marketing Author and Web Content Specialist Calvin Jones8 Weeks to Digital Marketing Success

An E-Course by best-selling digital marketing author, mentor and web content specialist Calvin Jones

Is your small business struggling to get to grips
with the challenges of online marketing?

Learn how to:

  • define your digital marketing strategy
  • build and refine your website
  • write great, results focused web content
  • understand the basics of SEO and Social media
  • conquer email marketing and analytics

… all in just 8 weeks!

Successful Digital Marketing isn’t about get rich quick schemes or exploiting search engine loopholes; it’s not about jumping on the latest bandwagon or moving to the “next big thing” either. Successful digital marketing is all about developing a well thought out digital strategy, then following through in a logical, coherent way that brings your target market and your business together using the right digital marketing channels in the most productive way.

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Course outline: 8 Weeks to Digital Marketing Success

Calvin Jones is co-author of the internationally acclaimed Understanding Digital Marketing

Week 1: Understanding Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is all about knowing your business, knowing your target market, understanding how they integrate digital channels into their daily lives, and recognising the opportunities that represents to your business.

Week 2: Building Blocks: Creating a Solid Foundation

From deciding on the right domain name, to choosing a good web hosting company; from what you need to look for in a web designer, to content management systems and more — we’ll cover the infrastructure you need to create a successful web presence for your business

Week 3: Keywords, SEO and Your Website

We’ll take a look at the importance of keywords, why search engines are important, how they work, and how you can optimise your site to rank better in search results.

Week 4: Reach, Engage, Retain and Convert with Great Content

Learn how to optimise your web content for people, retain your readers’ attention and the art of writing persuasive web copy that encourages visitors to take the action you want.

Calvin Jones is co-author of The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the WorldWeek 5: Earning High Quality Incoming Links

Leverage great content to attract incoming links that help boost search rankings, and drive targeted traffic to your optimised website.

Week 6: Retain and Convert with Email Marketing

Email is still an incredibly powerful medium that can help you retain existing customers and convert new prospects. We’ll take a look at the building blocks of effective email marketing campaigns.

Week 7: Take Engagement to the Next Level with Social Media

The staggering growth of social media and why it matters to your business, which social media channels matter to you, and how to use social media to connect with your customers, build your brand and drive sales.

Week 8: Making Informed Marketing Decisions with Analytics

How you can use real data from real visitors to understand which digital strategies are working, which one’s aren’t working, and make informed decisions to maximise the return on your digital marketing investment.

What you get with 8 Weeks to Digital Marketing Success:

Each week you’ll receive course material direct to your inbox, including:

  • dedicated course materials packed with insights and info on the weekly topic
  • a handy quick-reference guide with links to relevant online resources
  • recommendations for further reading
  • a list of action points to help you move your business to the next level.

8 Weeks to Digital Marketing Success is an e-course designed and created by Calvin Jones, Co-Author of the internationally acclaimed “Understanding Digital Marketing” and “The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World”.  

Calvin has been helping businesses to understand and realise the potential of digital marketing for more than 15 years. Now you can tap into that expertise to achieve your own Digital Marketing Success.


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satisfaction or your money back

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We’ve worked hard to make the unique content you’ll receive as part of 8 Weeks to Digital Marketing Success interesting and relevant, and it’s designed to deliver real and tangible benefits to your online business if you take action based on what you’ve learnt.

That said we realise that everybody’s needs and expectations are different, and that this self-study email based course might not suit everybody.

If at any time up to the end of the second week of the course (i.e. before we send out your third week’s course materials) you decide that it’s not for you, simply email us for a full refund… no questions asked.