Kogan Page couldn’t squeeze our full author biographies onto the cover of “Understanding Digital Marketing”. Since we spent so long pondering what to put into them I thought I’d post the full, uncut versions here for everyone to read ;-)….

Damian DAMIAN RYAN is regional partner for Results International Group, the world’s leading specialist M&A firm for the marketing, communications and digital media sectors. Here he helps business leaders grow and realise the value of their organisations.

He was previously chief executive officer and founder of ICAN, Ireland’s most successful online advertising agency and the creator of several other media businesses. His achievements include:

  • The launch of over 50 magazine titles in a publishing career spanning 21 years
  • The development of several award programmes for the emerging digital media sector
  • Learning to play guitar to a “reasonably annoying” standard!

Calvin CALVIN JONES is a freelance writer, journalist, blogger, online marketer and author who helps organisations of all sizes to communicate more effectively both on- and off-line. With a broad foundation of experience with large public utilities, SMEs and technology start-ups, over the years Calvin has refined his talent for taking complex ideas and making them accessible to a mainstream audience.

Some of the highlights of Calvin’s chequered career include:

* Working as a marine biologist on Sherkin Island, West Cork, Ireland.

* Running a taco-vending business on the streets of San Luis Potosi, Mexico with Irish and Californian partners.

* Walking away from a promising corporate management career to travel the world.

* Listening to the morning traffic report while contemplating his 20 second commute (10 seconds flat-out) to the office.

* Giving his children the gift of time, while they still want it.

You can contact Calvin through his blog.