That’s right — I’m new to all this Digital Marketing malarkey, but I’m learning fast… or at least I hope I am. I’m working on an exciting new book project with Damian Ryan, who’s been at the forefront of digital advertising and marketing in Europe since its inception.

With a background in magazine publishing, Damian launched DOT.IE magazine in 1996, and the Golden Spider Awards soon afterwards. In 1998 he established ICAN, the first specialist online advertising agency in the UK and Ireland, which he sold to telecom entrepreneur Denis O’Brien in 2000. Since then Damian has been involved in a host of projects in the European digital media industry.

I’m delighted to be involved in this project with Damian. It’s an exciting time in digital marketing, as increasing numbers of businesses realise the potential digital media has to reach their target audience, and start to invest more time, money and energy into it. Momentum is building in the digital media space, but it’s still an uncharted frontier, burgeoning with opportunity.

In this blog I’ll be posting about my journey as I research the book and learn about the various ins and outs of digital marketing. From Search to Affiliate Marketing to mobile to viral marketing and games… we’ll be covering it all, and no doubt talking to some interesting people along the way.

It should be an interesting ride… and I for one can’t wait.