The subject line is perhaps the single most important piece of content in your entire e-mail marketing campaign. It’s the line that differentiates your e-mail from the raft of promotional messages cluttering your readers’ inbox.  Will they open your mail, or won’t they… a lot of the time it can depend on your subject line.

Naturally, then, it pays to spend a little time, care and attention on your subject line. You want to craft a subject line that clearly states the value proposition of your message, and obviously make sure there aren’t any glaring typos in it that make your organisation seem unprofessional.

It’s a shame that Irish e-retail portal didn’t do this with their latest missive. I just received the following e-mail promotion from on behalf of Thomas Sanderson conservatory and sunroom blinds with a glaring typo in the subject line. Instead of “sunroom” they’d typed “sundroom”. A perfectly understandable typo… but why, oh why, wasn’t it checked and corrected before hitting send?


A closer look at the offending subject line showing the offending typo:


If I was Thomas Sanderson I’d be less than chuffed with this effort. It reflects badly on them and on Buy4Now. Come on guys… you can do much better than this!