I’ve been invited to attend a half day seminar in Cork tomorrow morning called “Getting Results in Online Marketing“. Hosted by John Coburn of Praxis Now, this is a follow up Seminar to the one I attended last October — Internet Marketing for 21st Century Business, which was excellent.

This second seminar, which is new for 2008, picks up where Internet Marketing for 21st Century Business left off. This time the focus is on conversion: taking the traffic that arrives at your website, and converting visitors into prospects who can bring tangible value to your business.

After all, traffic without conversion just consumes bandwidth.

I must say I’m looking forward to the morning seminar. John is an energetic, intelligent and entertaining presenter, and if the session is as chock full of insight, helpful hints, tips and strategies as the last one it should prove to be a very productive morning.

I’ll post more about the seminar over the weekend.

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