Review of "Internet Marketing for 21st Century Business" — a half-day training seminar by PraxisNow.

Did you know that, according to research, around 80% of all Internet users find the web sites they’re looking for using a search engine? And that in the month of August 2007, in North America alone, the three main search engines fielded a mind-boggling 6.7 billion search queries between them?

That’s more than one search for every living person on the planet.

When it comes to Internet search, the figures are simply staggering – and if you’re a marketer the case for tapping into this burgeoning pool of online prospects is an incredibly compelling one. Having your company web site “pop up” at the top of the search engine listings at precisely the time your potential customers are looking for your products or services is the nearest to marketing nirvana you’re ever likely to get.

There’s no doubt that making effective use of internet marketing techniques like search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and e-mail marketing can revolutionise your business, but where do you start? For many website owners, traditional marketers and corporate managers the world of digital marketing is a mystery. It’s a world full of technical jargon and seemingly arcane techniques that have always been the preserve of a select few professionals… until now.

Enter PraxisNow, a company whose half-day training seminar “Internet Marketing for 21st Century Business” aims to demystify this complex and often confusing subject, making it accessible to a mainstream audience.

I attended the seminar at the Clarion Hotel in Cork on the 25th October, and from the very beginning it was obvious that, while the atmosphere was informal and friendly, this was a very professional and polished operation. From coffee and registration through to the the wrap-up some four-and-a-half hours later the entire process was managed flawlessly.

The conference room was packed with some sixty delegates who spanned every possible facet of the internet marketing equation. There were one-man start-ups, traditional marketers looking for the inside track on this digital revolution, corporate managers from large organisations and practically everyone in between: people from all sorts of levels, in all sorts of businesses and from all walks of life.

I couldn’t help thinking that, with such an eclectic audience, keeping everyone engaged and attentive would prove a challenge for any presenter. It is testament to presenter John Coburn’s skill and experience that he managed not only to keep us all engaged and attentive… but also entertained for the duration.

This was a four hour seminar with just one 15 minute coffee break, and yet at no point did it seem to flag. John took us briskly through the ins and outs of digital marketing, explaining the fundamentals of SEO, PPC and e-mail marketing in a way that was informative and easy to grasp. He illustrated his points with real world examples and deftly fielded questions from the floor. The four hours simply flew by.

If you’re looking for a primer on digital marketing, then “Internet Marketing for 21st Century Business” is for you. It delivers a very effective introduction to the topic, provides the perfect foundation for those who want to explore the potential of online marketing for themselves, and gives those who’d prefer to engage the services of a professional internet marketer the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

For more details visit the Internet Marketing for 21st Century Business page on the Praxis Now web site or call (01) 2360076.