Browsing through the latest "the day in search"  on the Search Engine Land site, an article title "Is Content King? Or Is Search?" in Business Week caught my eye. It’s an interesting article that goes on to look at the tensions that inevitably creep in when tech companies and traditional media collide, but I can’t help feeling that the fundamental question is flawed.

The answer, of course, is neither. The answer is the user, the audience, the digital consumer… call them what you will.

Think about it. Content is there for one reason, and one reason only… to attract and deliver value to the consumer. Search engines are also in the business of delivering value to the consumer. Their entire business is built around satisfying the consumer’s need for great content.

In the digital world advertisers and marketers aren’t in control… neither are the search engines, ad networks, social networks or any other body corporate. The user is King, they’re in control… now more than ever.