Just reading this over on Conor O’Neill’s Argolon blog: should a small business blog about development of a new product? I think the answer has to be a resounding yes.

Gordon Murray of eWrite in Cork is apparently considering chronicling the trials and tribulations of product development in his blog. As Conor points out, there are naturally concerns and challenges for any business in opening up to very public online scrutiny… concerns surrounding intellectual property, and the time and effort involved in maintaining and updating a vibrant and compelling blog.

But open, honest communication is what it’s all about in this Web 2.0 world. The interactive web is about much more than pushing a marketing message — it’s about engaging in conversation, dialogue, debate.

I have to agree with Conor: this is a great idea. Brave souls like Gordon, who embrace the opportunity to engage with their audience online, to build a vibrant community around their brand that transcends the boundaries of their organisation, will, I believe, reap very real dividends down the line. Who knows, the community Gordon builds through his blog may even contribute constructively to the product development process — solving problems, making suggestions, requesting features….

Not so many years from now, collaborative product development will become the universally accepted norm. Sharing experiences and harnessing the collective wisdom of the crowd will be as natural as checking your e-mail in the morning. But for now its still bleeding edge… still the province of trail-blazers like Gordon Murray.

So go for it Gordon… and good luck. I for one will be looking on with interest.

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