Update — “Understanding Digital Marketing” is now available for pre-order on amazon


Our new book somehow seems very real this morning. I opened an e-mail from our publishers, Kogan Page, to find a link to the “Understanding Digital Marketing” page on their website.

It’s an exciting time.


Details of your book have already already been circulated to the book trade and to key online booksellers such as amazon. Your book will also feature in our ‘new books and bestsellers’ catalogue which is circulated by our Sales Agents to the international book trade

So, all good stuff then.

We’re planning to launch an accompanying website in the near future to support and build on Understanding Digital Marketing. This is still in the very early planning stages, but the vision is to build a dynamic and constantly evolving, community driven online marketing resource.

Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our RSS feed or check back regularly to see what’s new. It’s going to be fun!