Richard Branson talks Social

There are lots of ways that Social Media can help larger businesses and enterprises.

Social can help the enterprise reach out and engage with their customers more effectively, improve internal communications and employee morale, help them better understand their market and their workforce, improved their customer service and lots more besides.

Larger enterprises are still at the start of the curve in terms of adopting social technologies into the fabric of their corporate cultures and there are lessons there that you can use to inform social media strategy and opportunities for your small business. We’ll be exploring some of those lessons in a follow up post.

For now though, take a look at this short video featuring industry leaders in the social space explaining in their own words what  social media means for big business, and start thinking about how you could apply some of the ideas to help your business work smarter through social media channels.

Click on play in the video below to hear from:

(Links will take you to their Twitter profiles… and all are well worth a follow).

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