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Is Social Media killing E-Mail Marketing?

No, is the short answer!

I was reading the post I’ve linked to above over on Denise Cox’s e-mail marketing blog, and found myself nodding in agreement. Rumours of e-mail marketing’s imminent demise at the hands of social media are grossly exaggerated. There are problems, certainly, but E-Mail is still a crucial part of a constantly evolving marketing mix for large and small businesses.
In the first chapter of “Understanding Digital marketing” we point out that throughout history the emergence of new marketing channels never really supersedes the established ones. Rather they augment them, offering marketers and business owners more scope to connect with their customers… and those same customers more choice in how they engage with brands and businesses.

Here’s a short extract from the book:

Technological advances have punctuated the evolution of advertising throughout history, each fundamentally altering the way businesses could communicate with their customers. Interestingly, however, none of these ground-breaking developments superseded those that came before. Rather they served to augment them, offering marketers more diversity, allowing them to connect with a broader cross section of consumers. In today’s sophisticated age of paid search placement, keyword-targeted pay-per-click advertising and social networking, you’ll still find the earliest forms of advertising alive and well.

Stroll through any market, practically anywhere in the world – from the food markets of central London to the bazaars of North Africa, to the street markets of India – and you’ll be greeted by a cacophony of noise as vendors use their voices to vie for the attention of passing customers. The human voice, the first marketing medium in history, still going strong in the digital age.

From “Understanding Digital Marketing”, Chapter 1, Going digital — the evolution of marketing, p. 4

It’s getting more complicated out there, for sure, but with that complexity comes remarkable opportunity to develop enduring, mutually beneficial relationships that can deliver long-lasting results.

For the vast majority of businesses maintaining those relationships depends on the most established online communications medium of them all: e-mail. While it’s dominance might wane gradually as relience on e-mail is diluted by the steady adoption of other communications technologies, it’s stell set to play a pivotal role in the marketing mix for many years to come.

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